A Place To Be Made Holy  

I have now been here for a week and it feels like a lifetime. People told me leading up to this that “You have to be in seminary to understand it.” I had no idea what that meant, and still don’t honestly, but I can definitely say that it is true. Everything we do, and don’t do, here is set up to make us holy. The word “formation” gets thrown around a lot, but it is the most accurate way to describe what is happening. I am being formed, shaped into that man that I was made to be. Fr Swift, inspired by Matthew Kelly, described the process as such:

“Seminary is a place to be formed… to become holy. Our goal is to make you saints. In other words, our goal is to form you into the best version of yourself”

I was made for greatness, holiness and the seminary is here to help me on that journey. How does that happen exactly? I’ll attempt to explain.

Our schedule for the past week looked something like this:

Wednesday, August 27
7:00a – Morning Prayer and Mass
8:00a – Breakfast
9:00-10a – Liturgy at HTS
10:15-11:15a – Music at HTS
11:30a–12:00p – Community Norms
12:00p – Lunch
1:00–2:00p – Physical Plant walk-through
2:00-4:00p – Work Order
4:15–5:00p – Liturgy of the Hours
5:15p – Evening Prayer and meditation
6:00p – Dinner
7:00 – Evening Activity (Mandatory fun)
10:30 – Curfew, quiet on the halls

Sessions have included topics such as academics, the pillars of formation, exercise, and spiritual direction.

Lots of time in this room

Lots of time in this room

This should give you an idea of how busy we have been. Once the school year starts I will go to class in place of orientation sessions, but we will still maintain the schedule of Morning Prayer/Mass, house work, Evening Prayer, dinner, and formation meetings.

My short time here has been unlike any other. Living and praying together as community is reminiscent of my time at Covecrest, but here I am being constantly fed rather than having to feed others. I have been greatly challenged in prayer, and it has been made painfully obviously that God is going to use this time to stretch me and ultimately draw me closer to His heart.

What a beautiful opportunity

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