I Spoke Too Soon

This semester is going to kill me

My personal library doubled in size

My personal library doubled in size

By my calculations I have 3752 pages to read. 1064 of those are the bible and I assume we won’t finish every book, so being a bit more optimistic I’ll round down to 3000 pages. Calculating that there are 101 days between today and the last day of the semester (December 12), I’ll only have to read~30 pages a day. This is arguably more class reading that I read in my entire  undergrad.

I am notoriously good at doing things that seem useful but are really just excuses to put off work. Apparently that trait has moved with me into seminary because it felt appropriate to create an excel chart that will track my reading progress. I’m not sure if this will motivate or demotivate.

Conditional Formatting and all


Class start tomorrow. Let’s go!

St Thomas Aquinas,
Pray for me

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