I’m Leaving Facebook – Distraction and Time

In anticipation of leaving Facebook on Feburary 1, I’m posting a series of thoughts on why I’m making that decision. I’m going to archive them here for future reference.
Facebook has become a twitch for me. Like toe tapping, pen twirling, or doodling in class, but much less benign. When I experience any brief moment of downtime, difficulty, or distraction, I avoid it by checking for notifications. There’s plenty of brain science about why faceook is addictive (you’ve probably seen it all, I won’t bore you here. It stimulates pleasure like a drug), but I’m seeing it play out in my daily life.
For instance: Windows+1, Ctlr+T, F, Enter, Ctr+W
That combination of key presses opens chrome, opens a new tab, autofills ‘facebook’ in the search bar, opens the main page – at which point I briefly check for notifications and scan the top posts in my newsfeed – then closes the tab and returns to what I was doing before. The whole thing takes about 15 seconds.
It’s a habit. A deeply ingrained habit that I don’t even think about. I just… do it. All the time.

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