The Ninth Station – Weakness and Surrender

The Social Media team at St. Mary’s in running a series of reflections on the Station of the Cross. Mine recently went up, so I’m sharing here. The spiritual theme of my semester has been ‘surrender’. God is asking me to surrender, give up control, and draw my strength from Him. The ninth station is an opportunity to reflect on the ways Jesus models this for me.


The team has also run a few other videos of me this year. Here’s a brief vocation story and a reflection from Advent.


For more media and reflections from seminarians, check out the St. Mary’s Facebook page (link) and Youtube channel (link).

Guadalupe Reflection

I’m back home in San Antonio after a long semester in Houston. Life is good. God continues to bless.

While vesting to altar serve at Mass this morning, the visiting priest asked me give the homily. Unprepared and canonically unable to (the homily is reserved for an ordained minister), I protested a bit. But he insisted so I complied. You know… obedience. Let’s call it a reflection instead. Armed with 10 minutes of preparation, a quick read through the readings, a semester of trying to figure out what role Mary is supposed to play in my spiritual life, and a recent trip to the Guadalupe Basilica in Mexico City, I gave some variant of the following reflection. Afterward a few people asked me for a transcript of what I spoke, so I sat down and tried to write from memory.

Speaking as someone who’s long struggled with the necessity and role of Mary in the devotions in the Church, I’ve been coming to a deeper appreciation of this truth: The simple fact, proven time and time again throughout history, is that Mary desires nothing more than to bring every person on earth into relationship with her son Jesus Christ. That’s something to celebrate.

Fr. Manuel met us at Mass, invited us to the Sacristy, and gave us a private view of the image

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